Who and what QED is

QED is a consultancy company which specializes in education in developing countries.
It was formed by educationists with diverse and broad professional backgrounds. The QED team has 90 years of combined experience of education and development in more than 50 countries, with particular involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and South-East Asia.

QED has three key messages:

  1. Working with people matters in development
  2. Context matters in development
  3. Teachers and teacher educators matter in development

The QED Team

Prof. Clive Harber is emeritus professor at
Univ. of Birmingham.

Specialist in international
education; education and
democracy; quality of ed,
esp pupil participation and
reducing violence. Long
academic exp. esp Africa.

Dr. Tove Nagel
Dr. of international education,
specialist in quality of
education, esp. teacher
education and primary.
Broad international advisory
experience to gvts., NGOs
and INGO's in Africa,
Latin-America and Asia.

DavidProf. David Stephens is professor at Univ. of Brighton.
Specialist in quality of education
and culture. Broad international experience in teaching, consultancy and qualitative research and higher education.